Moldvay Mod


Tom Moldvay was one of the first employee D&D fans hired by TSR. Among his contributions to the game, Tom edited the “D&D Basic ruleset”. I believe his goal was to create a simpler edition of the game for younger fans, of which I was one.

Over the years, each rpg I discovered was like a Christmas present, full of systems and concepts. I added some of the systems I found to Moldvay’s rulset. Below is the result. Unlike Moldvay’s edition, you’ll see mention of “disadvantage”, AC that goes up, the d20 in general, and “rest rolls” from 4e’s Healing Surge.

Skill checks:
Players must roll under the associated stat’s number. For example, anything related to strength or athletic ability is a STR check. If a character attempts to knock down a door, the player rolls a d20 and must roll under their character’s STR.

Most of the abilities in this mod use CON. This means, a player’s CON may reach zero. If it does, the player passes out. They stay passed out until they pass a CON save *as if they had full CON*. Once they pass a CON save, they wake up and are stabilized at 1 CON.

Beyond the cleric, the only way to heal is with a Rest Roll. Players are given two tokens which represent a 1d8. They trade the token to the GM, who allows them to roll the 1d8. The resulting number can be spent to return lost HP or CON or split to return some of each.

Death Quirks:
For the short adventure I ran, when character’s “died” they would return with a quirk. They weren’t actually dead, but to explain further would reveal a spoiler about the adventure. 😉

Everything is crushed together, allowing me to print it all out on three pages for players.

Here is the google doc link and below is one embedded on the page.

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